What Are Smart Devices?

Smart devices are defined as electronic devices connected to other devices via network protocols. For example Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. In most of the cases, they can operate automatically. In this blog let’s check out the working of Smart air conditioners and smart air purifiers.

• Smart Air conditioners: Smart air conditioners uses the technology of Wi-Fi for communication. This way users can control the air conditioners in many ways. For example, if they’re at home then they can use the remote. In case they’re in office then they can control them with mobile applications.

Smart air conditioners are the units that can connect with the other smart devices in order to provide better services. The main focus is to increase the comfort level. From the outer body, they look similar but there is a huge difference in working of inner technology. Just like normal air conditioners, they’re also mounted on walls. They can be programmed for cooling according to the choice of users.

What makes the difference between both the types?

The ability to connect through various network protocols make them different from traditional air conditioners. Users can operate them remotely. They are different from smart thermostats. Smart thermostats are used in central air conditioning systems whereas small air conditioners are individual cooling units.

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Smart water purifiers: Smart water purifiers have the do it yourself approach. This way they can notify when the filter should be replaced. Users can easily change them manually as this task does not require any specialisation.

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In the traditional models of water purifiers, users cannot replace the water filters because of design and technology used. This was the biggest hurdle as they have to call Professionals for any assistance. This process was costly too. But in the smart models, users don’t have to call Professionals as they can manage all the things easily. All they need is a user manual or they’ve to check some videos on the internet.

Once the filter is installed and the water inlet and water outlet pipes are in position then they can drink clean and fresh water. In case there are multiple filters like for RO and UV technologies then all the procedures are mentioned in the instruction manuals or videos.

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